We Provide


Traditional and exclusive creations by our chefs

Our experienced team works every day to create exclusive recipes that follow time honoured traditions in pasta, as well as incorporating the latest trends in Italian food.

Within this traditional process, our artisanal kitchen has incorporated the latest technologies in quality assurance and safety procedures, while guaranteeing the maintenance of the product’s natural and traditional characteristics.

Excellence in selection of suppliers and raw materials

Puglia, Piemonte, La Liguria, Trentino… Our Purchasing Department covers every corner of the Italian food landscape to create the best flavours and textures from their origin.

From Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, cured in caves for 24 months, to our authentic focaccia from Genvoa, going through our unique mozzarella from buffalo milk produced in the region of Campania.

Quality control assurance

Quality has also been one of the most important goals of the company. This includes exhaustive evaluations of suppliers, microbiological and physical-chemical analysis of our products, as well as controls for traceability and other specific internal quality control plans.

Full support assistance to the franchisee

Our goal is to provide the best support  to our franchisees, helping them to optimize performance of their restaurants before, during and after their initial opening.

A core value of our company is a commitment to supporting our franchises. This includes assistance in site selection; restaurant layout and design, construction and systems recommendations; initial training adapted to the experience of the franchisee, providing operating manuals for all the areas of the business; support of the initial opening; on-going operational follow-up on a periodic basis, marketing support as well as other services.

Own warehousing and logistical system

Naturally, through the management of our own distribution system we ensure the optimal conditions for our products throughout the logistic chain, from our artisanal kitchen to the restaurant. In this sense, we coordinate distribution routes based upon delivery times, warehousing capacity and other needs of our restaurants.